And With These Hands, 2020

single channel video installation (04:49)

And With These Hands explores the theme of emotional labour and intersectionality. It is an intimate conversation between me and my mother (June Shah) about her experiences of the unspoken burden she carried and continues to carry as a Black woman in a variety of roles as wife, mother, daughter, coworker and citizen. The conversation is accompanied by visuals of her braiding hair - a loaded image of care and metaphorical symbol community building. Her dialogue is overlaid with the words of Dr. Angela Davis from her speech Black Women in America (1974) at the Black Women Spring Forum at UCLA. The speech speaks of the sacrifices of women throughout history and specifically their contribution to the civil rights movements. In light of the recent pandemic and resurgence of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, the narrative of leadership, physical and emotional support of female identified bodies continues to hold merit.

Special thanks to June and Monique Shah for their collaboration in the making of the piece.

Mysuem Intersections Festival

This is a commissioned piece in collaboration with From Later and At The Moment for the 5th annual Myseum Intersections Festival. Due to COVID-19, the exhibition will be postponed to April - June 2021.

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